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My neck is losing its tone and starting to sag.


My neck is losing its tone and starting to sag. I would like to have a neck lift, but I am worried that I may have visible scarring. Can you tell me where the scars will be located and how big they will be after neck rejuvenation?


Every patient is different when it comes to planning rejuvenation of the neck. In general, I place a small incision beneath the chin so I can safely remove excess fat and tighten the deeper soft tissues of the midline neck for a sharper contour. For a neck lift, I place incisions in the crease behind each ear for minimal visibility. For a lower facelift, I place the incisions behind the ears and in front of them as well. This allows for removal of excess skin. They are concealed as best possible around the ear canal and sideburn region. I always reassure my patients that they should be able to wear their hair any style they choose once healing has occurred without the worry of scar visibility.

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