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My five year old son has very large protruding ears.


My five year old son has very large protruding ears. I know that he will endure ridicule and teasing if we do not have this corrected. I would like to know if it is safe to have an Otoplasty performed on a child and what type of anesthesia and medication will be required?


Otoplasty is one of the most rewarding procedures I offer. I usually like to wait until approximately 6-7 years of age, depending on the growth and maturity of the patient. For children, I perform otoplasty under general anesthesia as an outpatient surgery. The surgery takes approximately one and a half to two hours and an overnight dressing is placed. Oral pain medicine and antibiotics are given for several days after surgery. Adult patients may undergo this procedure in an office based procedural room. When otoplasty is performed on a child, the ears retain their shape into adulthood as the patient continues to mature.

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