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Welcome to Facial Plastic Surgery of Beaumont, the practice of Dr. William E. O’Mara, recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in Texas. Dr. O’Mara brings the most rigorous scientific training along with an artist’s sense of balance and beauty to ensure that when it comes to cosmetic surgery Beaumont, TX residents receive only the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can be done when too much fat was taken out above the eyes and below the eyes?

I almost always avoid removing fat from the upper and lower eyelid during blepharoplasty to prevent these complications. Excessive fat removal from above or below the eyes can lead to a hollowed appearance.  Injection of a filler can be safely performed around the eyes to reintroduce a healthy appearing look.  I recommend autologous fat injection into the upper eyelid and brow region for hollowing in that area.  For the lower eyelid region, I try to avoid injecting fat because of the propensity for creating palpable and visible lumps over the orbital bony rim.  In selected patients, I sometimes inject a conservative amount of hyaluronic acid filler into the lower eyelid region for improvement in contour due to excess fat removal.

Question: If a patient has a heart condition, is plastic surgery with general anesthesia safe?

General anesthesia is safe in selected patients with heart conditions.  Prior to undergoing a general anesthetic procedure, they receive a thorough evaluation by myself, their heart doctor, their primary care physician and an anesthesiologist to determine if they are safe surgical candidates.  Blood thinners are usually stopped before and during the immediate operative and healing times.  Some patients may undergo a procedure with IV sedation if general anesthesia is not recommended.

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